Commercial Landscape Design

by | 5 Jun 2022

Exterior Architecture creates landscape plans for developers, retail and business businesses, public areas and unit blocks / apartment buildings which enhance the property.

Whether you’ve got a site in mind for a DA to be filed with the Sutherland Shire Council or an upgrade to an already established property, Exterior Architecture can create the right landscape design for you.

Benefits of Commercial Landscape Design for Your Business?

Every building is like a giant showcase. Your building is what people see when they enter a business, and the way that you design the exterior of it shows exactly what your business does.

While architectural design is vital to make a good first impression on customers and clients, a good landscape design is just as crucial and acts as a stage for the building itself.

Which shows why landscape design is important to every business – even yours.

1. Add Space, and Boost Morale – Outdoor spaces that include outdoor furniture, seating and various types of benches are perfect for hosting customer meetings and for creating work areas for teams to work on. Ensuring that employees have easy access to outside areas that are aesthetically appealing and that are easily accessed means that they can enjoy taking mental break from working in the office and spending some time outside.

2. Bring in More Customers – A company can easily get the attention of clients by providing an inviting landscape that is easily visible from the road and is easily recognized by the people who are passing by. It creates a perception of your company’s image and many people are much more inclined to do business with a firm that has a well-designed and maintained landscape.

Keep in mind that perception is very important and it gives people a sense of being in a real world. A landscape that is great shows that you care about your business or products.

3. Helps You Be More Environmentally Conscious – Most companies are making strides to become more eco- friendly and reduce their carbon footprints, and to protect the environment. Landscapes designed by professional landscapers can help your company achieve these goals, while also incorporating low-water use plants and other low-maintenace vegetation. For instance, trees and other vegetation that provide shade can help you reduce the energy used by your air conditioning system by 2 to 4 percent or more, which leads to lower energy bills.

4. Privacy Is Provided by Vegetation – Some small businesses need to screen themselves from the outside world or an adjacent business. Plants can filter out visible and audible pollutants and create a beautiful oasis for your business.

Our Commercial Landscape Designs We Offer for Businesses Include:

  1. New Residential Builds Housing Developments
  2. Blocks of Apartments and Units
  3. Centres for Daycare or Childcare
  4. Schools and Universities
  5. Centers for Retail and Merchandising
  6. Environments for Businesses, Industries, and Factories

If you plan carefully, you can create a very inviting front garden which will attract people to your business. Commercial landscape design ensures that all areas of the site are connected, and that the site can be navigated clearly.

Help with Commercial Landscaping Design

We encourage you to contact us for your landscape design needs.

When you want to create the best look for your outdoor and landscape areas, it’s very critical that you do it well. For anyone who has questions about the landscape that you’re planning to build, we’re happy to help you.

Get more value from your beautifully landscaped outdoor and indoor spaces.

If you have questions, or you’d like to schedule a consultation about your landscaping project, contact the professional landscape designers and plant installers at Exterior Architecture at (02) 9053 6179) today.