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Creating your ideal garden, backyard or pool thanks to our comprehensive in-house Sunshine Coast landscape architects and outdoor design service, giving you a stress-free and enjoyable experience.

Exterior Architecture is an architectural landscape design studio, some of the areas we service near The Sunshine Coast include: Maroochydore, Buderim, Burnside, Cooroibah, Noosa Heads, Coolum Beach, The Sunshine Beach and Mountain Creek in Queensland. We approach each new job with excitement and creativity. As a landscape design company, we’re proud of how easy it is to get in touch with us and our collaborative design approach.

Qualified landscape designers registered with the Landscape Design Institute (LDI) in Australia‘s have successfully completed a variety of projects, ranging from small courtyards, pools, and restaurant terraces to high end country estates. We know that landscape architecture should not only match your hardscaping  but also improve their aesthetic surroundings. We are a design-only firm, which lets us focus on the look, vision, and idea.

Landscape Architect Services for The Sunshine Coast of Queensland

Our architectural exterior design team offers cutting-edge, practical, environmentally friendly landscape design services for both commercial and residential projects in The Sunshine Coast.

Landscape Design Concept Garden Design Acreage Design Bespoke Art & Sculpture
Pool & Spa Design Concept Hardscape Design Design Development New Build Landscape Design
Façades & Outdoor Garden Renovation Plans Greenwall & Rooftop Design Home Renovation Landscape Design
Commercial Landscape Design Detailed Planting Plans Detailed Construction Drawings Home Extension Landscape Design
DA/CDC Landscape Plan Custom Landscape Plans Luxury Landscape Design Landscape Master Plan

Why Landscape Architecture Is Important for Your Sunshine Coast Home

Exterior Architecture knows how to work with your space and make the most of it with a holistic approach to architectural exterior design. This is important for every part of an Sunshine Coast garden. Our landscape architects always try to make the design as harmonious as possible by taking inspiration from different kinds of garden styles and working with your space.

The garden of a house can be designed in many different ways, we make sure to take into consideration the clients wants and needs. Helping clients reach their goals is a big part of what landscape architects do. Our exterior architects can combine these ideas in a way that utilises your space in the best possible way.

Exterior Architecture is unique. We are landscape designers, we are landscape architects, we are garden designers in the Sunshine Coast, we are skilled in garden makeovers, courtyard gardens, pool design, front garden design, coastal gardens, contemporary minimal gardens, cottage gardens, hamptons gardens, drought tolerant gardens, low maintenance gardens and sustainable landscape design. We also provide both hardscape and softscape landscaping design services. We use design tools like 3D renderings and virtual walkthroughs and CAD software.

Benefits of Landscaping Design

By getting an exact understanding of the plant and material requirements, hiring a design team can reduce the costs of your project.
Hiring a landscape designer near the Sunshine Coast Council will improve the outcome of your design and your project as they have a clear understanding of all aspects of landscape design. A landscape designer will work directly with you, taking your needs into consideration without trying to cut corners or choosing cheap short cuts. If you choose to engage a landscape designer who has been in the industry for some time, you can be sure that the design will be completely unbiased and will be able to be modified to meet your needs.

When creating your outdoor space including decorative features such green roofs, privacy screens, decorative pots and planters, sculptures, native vegetation, kitchen gardens, shade solutions problems can arise during construction; the designer will be there to help you resolve these issues. Designers adjust the design to accommodate changing conditions and ensure that the design remains true to the original concept plan, master plans, planting plans and hard works plans.


Design Team with Industry Experience & Exceptional Quality

We are known for our high-quality work, creative garden designs, and excellent customer service after years in the industry.

Pricing and Financing

Professional landscape design is valuable for your project, even though the cost depends on the landscape designer’s experience and reputation.

Quality Materials And Our Workmanship Is Guaranteed

We only use high-quality materials and guarantee our workmanship. We prioritise the use of high-quality materials and craftsmanship, which helps to ensure the longevity and sturdiness of your landscape.

Fully Accredited, Licenced & Registered Sunshine Coast Landscape Architects

Toby France, Founder & Landscape Architect is fully registered landscape architect with the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects & Landscape Design Institute with more than 12 years of diverse experience across the public, private and academic sectors.

Customer Service and Assurance

Free Estimates or Same-Day Responses

Before committing to the completion of any job, we provide free estimates. The majority of our clients appreciate our creative garden ideas and landscape design recommendations. Exterior Architecture then performs or arranges all subsequent work to ensure that all aspects of the job meet the client’s satisfaction. Our office / landscape architecture studio is open to the public from 8am to 6pm weekdays, and Saturdays 8am to 1pm by appointment. Or talk to us: (02) 9053 6179 about your landscaping design vision.

Portfolio of Architectural Landscaping Design Projects

Check out our landscape design portfolio. View our stunning client projects to inspire change.



How We Operate


First Landscape Design​ Consultation

Our landscape architects will visit your home and talk with you about your ideas and vision for your new garden or swimming pool. It usually takes around 60 mins to discuss your ideas and ideas for your new garden or swimming pool design. We will also discuss your budget and key design elements. After this visit you will be sent a design proposal for designing your new garden or swimming pool.


Preliminary Concept Plans

We will then provide you with a proposal for the design and the associated fees. If you approve the fee proposal, we will begin to design your garden. We encourage this to be a process whereby Exterior Architecture’s and our clients can work together to design the perfect garden for you. In the beginning, it is generally necessary to meet with us face to face and discuss your requirements.

Once you’ve approved the design concepts, we provide you with detailed landscaping plans and related documentation. Some garden designs do not need to be approved by the Sunshine Coast Council i.e Sunshine Coast Environment Council, but if we are given the opportunity to start this process, we will work tirelessly to obtain this approval.


Editing And Revisions

Design is as much about you as possible. That’s why we like to work with you to determine design changes. Your input is critical to ensure that our designs accurately reflect your wishes and needs.

Get a free consultation and begin enjoying a beautifully landscaped garden today. Call Exterior Architecture at (07) 2103 3316 and we will help you transform your garden into an award-winning resort. Maximising your outdoor space is key when it comes to enhancing your lifestyle. Add more value to the property you own. Upgrade the lifestyle you enjoy in your garden.

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About Sunshine Coast, QLD

The Sunshine Coast is a peri-urban region in South East Queensland, Australia. It is the district defined in 1967 as "the area contained in the Shires of Landsborough, Maroochy and Noosa, but excluding Bribie Island". Located 100 km (62 mi) north of the centre of Brisbane in South East Queensland, on the Coral Sea coastline, its urban area spans approximately 60 km (37 mi) of coastline and hinterland from Pelican Waters to Tewantin. The area has several coastal hubs at Caloundra, Kawana Waters, Maroochydore and Noosa Heads. Nambour and Maleny have developed as primary commercial centres for the hinterland. Since 2014, the Sunshine Coast district has been split into two local government areas, the Sunshine Coast Region and the Shire of Noosa, which administer the southern and northern parts of the Sunshine Coast respectively. As of June 2021, with an estimated urban population of 398,840, the Sunshine Coast is the fifth most populated area in Queensland and the 9th most populous in the country. The population of the area has grown steadily at an average annual rate of 2.4% year-on-year over the five years to 2018. == History == The earliest residents of the Sunshine Coast were the indigenous Gubbi Gubbi and Wakka Wakka people. The territory of the Kabi includes about 21,000 square kilometres (8,200 sq mi) along the coastline from the 27th parallel northward to the mouth of the Burrum River.

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This question is often compared to "How long is a piece of string?" but we strive to offer a helpful starting point on landscape designs, generally they start at $6,000 plus GST. This initial cost serves as a baseline from which more tailored and specific pricing can be developed based on your unique needs and the specifics of your property in The Sunshine Coast.

Landscape design is a nuanced and detailed process, influenced by a wide range of variables that can affect the overall cost. We strive for transparency in our pricing to ensure you have a clear understanding from the outset.

Tailored Pricing Approach

To accurately assess the full scope of your project and its associated costs, a site visit is essential. During this visit, we will discuss your vision and objectives for the space. Following our assessment and discussions, we will present a detailed design fee proposal. This proposal will reflect both your aspirations and the practical requirements necessary to bring your landscape to life.

At Exterior Architecture, we are committed to delivering high-quality landscape designs efficiently. We understand the importance of a timely process, but also recognize the need for thoroughness to ensure the best outcomes for your project. Initial Site Visit and Measurements The design process begins with an on-site visit where we take detailed measurements of your property. This initial step is crucial as it lays the groundwork for the entire project. Design Completion Following the site visit, we aim to complete your landscape design within four to six weeks. This timeframe allows us to carefully consider all components of your design, ensuring that no detail is overlooked and that the final product meets our high standards and your expectations.
At Exterior Architecture, the extent of your involvement in the design process is flexible and entirely up to your preferences. Your Role in the Design Process You have the freedom to determine how engaged you want to be. Whether you prefer to provide initial input and then leave the details to us, or you wish to be closely involved at every step, we accommodate your preferred level of participation. Benefits of Both Approaches Hands-Off: Entrust us with your vision, and we will use our expertise to create a design that aims to exceed your expectations. This approach allows us the creative freedom to deliver innovative and surprising elements that enhance your space. Collaborative: If you have a clear vision and specific requirements, we welcome your active participation. Your direct involvement ensures that the final design truly reflects your desires and is a space that you will be excited to use and enjoy for years to come. Our Goal No matter how involved you choose to be, our ultimate goal is to create a landscape that you love. We strive to design spaces that are not only beautiful but also functional, ensuring they meet your needs and preferences.
We recognize that the terms "general landscaping" and "landscape architecture" might be used interchangeably, but they refer to very distinct aspects of creating outdoor spaces. General Landscaping General landscaping focuses on the implementation and maintenance of a garden or outdoor area. This includes:
  • Planting: Selecting and planting various types of foliage.
  • Hardscaping: Constructing elements like paths, patios, and walls.
  • Irrigation: Installing systems to ensure efficient water distribution.
  • Maintenance: Regular upkeep to preserve the garden’s aesthetic and health.
Landscapers typically execute the practical aspects of a garden's design, which may involve following a plan laid out by a landscape architect or working from a more straightforward design provided by the property owner. Landscape Architecture Landscape architecture is a more comprehensive and professional field that involves:
  • Design Principles: Utilizing architectural and design theory to create cohesive and functional outdoor spaces.
  • Site Analysis: Evaluating the land’s characteristics and potential constraints.
  • Ecology and Sustainability: Incorporating ecological awareness and sustainable practices into designs.
  • Grading and Drainage: Planning the terrain to manage water flow and soil erosion effectively.
  • Overall Functionality: Ensuring the space meets the needs of its users in terms of both aesthetics and utility.
Landscape architects are trained professionals, often required to be licensed, who create detailed designs that balance creativity with technical expertise. These designs are then executed by landscapers.
Yes, we provide a 3D render as a standard feature with all our designs to help clients visualize the final result.
Certainly. We will make sure to incorporate your plant choices unless we feel it may not be suitable, in which case we will recommend other options.
At Exterior Architecture, we pride ourselves on our versatility and extensive experience in landscape design across various settings in the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. Residential Properties We create beautiful, functional outdoor spaces tailored to individual homeowners' needs. Whether you're looking for a serene backyard retreat or a vibrant garden for entertaining, our designs prioritize personalization and enjoyment. Commercial Properties Our commercial landscape designs focus on enhancing the aesthetic appeal and functionality of business environments. From corporate campuses to retail parks, we ensure that every project supports the business's brand and meets its specific needs.
Our team consists of garden designers and landscape architects with diverse backgrounds. Additionally, we collaborate closely with various contractors and consultants who offer expertise in specific fields.
Contact Exterior Architecture to speak with our experienced designers about your project. We specialize in outdoor landscaping design and external new home extension landscape design. Let's discuss the best path forward for you.

Ready to create your dream Space?

From residential backyards, large estates, to small courtyards we have the team and experience to create timeless and thoughtful landscapes.