Landscape Design Around a Swimming Pool

by | 19 Mar 2023

When discussing pool landscaping in the Sutherland Shire, we must consider the entire ambience of the area, including all surrounding elements.
A good landscape design will not only improve the area’s functionality, but it can also completely alter the atmosphere of your outdoor space. Even minor alterations can significantly increase the “wow factor” of your home, transforming it into the inviting space you’ve always wanted to use and show off.

Whether you are looking for an incredible space to entertain guests, a luxurious oasis, or anything else, pool landscaping design is the key.
Whatever you intend to do with your outdoor space, it will benefit from well-built and aesthetically pleasing elements. Creative ideas can tie everything together to make the entire outdoor space appear well-coordinated and inviting.

There are numerous advantages to renovating your pool area. Effectively executed, it can transform a garden from good to breathtaking.

From our pool design experience, we offer the following guidelines for getting started:

  1. A Pool Devoid Of Landscaping Is Simply A Pool

    It’s not magic. It is not courteous. It is not particularly attractive. It is simply a large outdoor pool of water used for swimming and cooling off on hot days. That’s fine if that’s all you’re looking for. A truly attractive and sophisticated swimming pool must, however, be incorporated into a good landscape design. Landscaping, including elements such as flowers, trees, shrubs, patio tiles, and pavement, is required to structure your pool, soften its appearance, and visually and functionally connect it to your home.

  2. Your Pool Is a Component of Your Home, as Is Your Entire Yard

    The outdoor portion of your living space. What will the experience be like when you move from the house to the pool area? How will swimming and sunbathing fit in with other activities such as cooking, eating, drinking, and conversing when you share your pool with guests? Pavement or patio tiles can be used to define pathways that connect your pool to the house and the rest of the yard. Well-chosen plants can help to define spaces, providing separation and privacy from neighbouring properties and between different sections of your yard.

  3. Include the Pool in Your Garden

    Landscaping can facilitate the transition from the pool to the garden. It can incorporate a portion of the pool into the softscape, or it can create a more structured intermediate area with the use of potted plants and well-defined garden beds. Landscaping can be used to provide privacy and shade to the pool area and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the pool fence. Additionally, plants and trees can cool the air in your yard and around your pool.

  4. Accept Beauty and Avoid Ugliness

    The landscaping around a pool (or lack thereof) can make the difference between a harsh, unattractive, and utilitarian space, an elegant and disciplined space, and a gorgeous, natural-looking pool straight out of a flowery summer day-dream. The majority of people prefer pools that conceal their structure and artificiality. They prefer a softer, more natural appearance, which can only be attained through landscaping. With the passage of five, ten, or twenty years, will your pool gain or lose charm? There is a good chance that a well-landscaped area will become more beautiful as the surrounding plants mature. If left as a plain, harsh exterior, it will simply lose its pristine appearance as it ages.

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