Landscape Design

Landscapes with design and purpose

Exterior Architecture’s landscape design team and architects believe that great outdoor spaces should not only look good but also provide you with the space you will need most in your home.

Exterior Architecture is renowned for its clean lines, high quality materials and hard wearing and attractive planting schemes – and the people who use these designs are extremely important.

Why You Need Landscape Design

Exterior Architecture understands the space concepts and design principles that underpin every part of a garden. Our designers always try to incorporate different types of spaces into the design to create an effect that is as harmonious as possible.

There are many different ways that clients may want to design the garden of the house. Designers are very important in assisting clients to achieve their goals. Our designers can take these ideas and put them in a way that uses the space efficiently.

Benefits of Landscaping Design

By getting an exact understanding of the plant and material requirements, hiring a design team will save you more than their fee.

Sometimes landscapers cannot think clearly about the needs of their clients, and do not create a plan that is truly a fit for purpose. They are heavily influenced by cheap and easily constructed elements that will give them maximum profits. If you choose to engage a landscape designer who has been in the industry for some time, you can be sure that the design will be completely unbiased and will be able to be modified to meet your needs.

When building the new house, there will be problems that arise during construction; the designer will be there to help you resolve these issues. Designers adjust the design to accommodate changing conditions and ensure that the design remains true to the original concept.

How We Operate


First Consultation

Our landscape architects will visit your home and talk with you about your ideas and vision for your new garden or swimming pool. It usually takes around 60 mins to discuss your ideas and ideas for your new garden or swimming pool design. We will also discuss your budget and key design elements. After this visit you will be sent a design proposal for designing your new garden or swimming pool.


Preliminary Concept Plans

We will then provide you with a proposal for the design and the associated fees. If you approve the fee proposal, we will begin to design your garden. We encourage this to be a process whereby Exterior Architecture’s and our clients can work together to design the perfect garden for you. In the beginning, it is generally necessary to meet with us face to face and discuss your requirements.

Once you’ve approved the design concepts, we provide you with detailed landscaping plans and related documentation. Some garden designs do not need to be approved by the Sutherland Shire Council, but if we are given the opportunity to start this process, we will work tirelessly to obtain this approval.


Editing And Revisions

Design is as much about you as possible. That’s why we like to work with you to determine design changes. Your input is critical to ensure that our designs accurately reflect your wishes and needs.

Get a free consultation and begin enjoying a beautifully landscaped garden today. Call Exterior Architecture at (02) 9053 6179 and we will help you transform your garden into an award-winning resort. Maximising your outdoor space is key when it comes to enhancing your lifestyle. Add more value to the property you own. Upgrade the lifestyle you enjoy in your garden.

Ready to create your dream Space?

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