Integrate Your Garden Into Your Home

by | 19 Mar 2023

You always intend to spend more time outdoors in the garden, but somehow it occurs far less frequently than you had hoped. Time, the weather, and the darkness of the evenings all limit the amount of time spent outdoors. Your garden should serve as an extension of your indoor living space, but you rarely spend time outdoors. You are certainly not alone. Too frequently, the garden is neglected; it is a seldom-visited area that people sometimes feel guilty about and sometimes view as a chore. The good news is that there are a number of ways to bring your garden back to life and make it a true extension of your home, as opposed to merely claiming that it is.

The majority of residents in the Sutherland Shire and New South Wales want to utilise their entire property. When the weather is pleasant for the majority of the year, it is futile to stay inside. The exteriors of our homes can be as significant as the interiors, and designing the outdoor space can greatly enhance its aesthetics and functionality. Landscape design can give your outdoor living spaces form and function and connect them to your home’s interior.

A Garden Addition

Unless you’ve hired an architect for a custom design, the interior geometry, exterior appearance, and land location of your home are all predetermined from the start. Simply decorate the walls, choose and arrange the furniture, and add a few personal touches. However, the remainder of the property is typically undeveloped. Working with a landscape architect is one way to have a greater impact on your environment. You can choose the types of spaces you wish to create based on the purposes you intend for them. Designing your lot is comparable to constructing an exterior addition to your home. It will make your home appear larger and encourage you and your loved ones to spend more time outdoors.

You could have a simple covered porch or pergola immediately outside your garden door, or you could construct a teepee, gazebo, or charming summerhouse (which can be used in the colder seasons too, to keep off the elements). Consider the location of your covered area; ideally, it should be adjacent to your home so that you do not have to brave the elements to reach it. This can also help to blur the line between indoors and outdoors, bringing your home and garden closer together.

Transitional Areas

On bright and beautiful days, you will want to feel the warm breezes and smell the flowers and grass while avoiding direct sunlight. On rainy days, wouldn’t it be nice to hear the raindrops and feel a refreshing breeze without getting wet? You’ll also want a view of your lovely surroundings.

The garden can be viewed from inside and outside. Transitional spaces aid in all of these instances. Depending on the design of your home, transitional spaces may be open-plan interior rooms or sheltered, semi-private outdoor areas. This type of space maximises the advantages of both worlds. It softens the transition between the constructed world of the interior and the more natural world of your outdoor living spaces. Transitional spaces can extend the architecture of your home, blurring its borders.

A Defined Exterior

Beyond the transitional spaces are the outdoor spaces that have been planned. Extending the architectural lines of your home into the surrounding landscape can help visually and intuitively expand the home’s boundaries. Symmetry and geometry are architectural principles that can be applied to landscape design to create a series of beautiful and functional outdoor spaces that reflect the discipline of your home’s interior architecture. A landscape designer can create additional space for socialising, cooking, relaxing, and breathing. A good landscape design can make your property’s exterior spaces feel like an extension of your home.

A professional designed your residence. Your outdoor living space can also be designed professionally. The use of symmetry and transitional spaces can allow your outdoor living space to emerge naturally from the geometry of your home. Landscape design allows you to extend the boundaries of your living space into the garden, patio, deck, and pool area.

Now is the time to seek assistance and inspiration for your landscaping project. Consider the following landscaping design services.