Sutherland Shire Garden Design Consultation

by | 11 Mar 2021

Interior Exterior Flow

Indoor Outdoor Flow – landscaping and gardens are an unavoidable component of this, and there are some very simple ways to achieve it regardless of whether you are building new or landscaping as part of a renovation or home makeover project, if you simply consider the inside and the outside together and create ‘linking’ elements, things that flow physically or visually from one to the other.

Landscape design flow – from indoors to outdoors

Garden design consultations are frequently suggested as a ‘next step’ in when contacting a potential garden designer in the Sutherland Shire. However, if you have made several garden design inquiries, you may be surprised to learn that one designer charges for consultations while another provides them for free.

Therefore, a free garden design consultation is preferable to paying for one. It seems self-evident, doesn’t it? That is, why pay for something you can obtain for free?

Consultation on Garden Design for Free vs. Paid Consultation on Garden Design

  1. Excellent, affordable, and experienced garden designers are hard to come by, and they are constantly in demand. In particular, in The Sutherland Shire, significant time can be spent simply getting to and from your property. If you are unwilling to compensate a designer for their time, they are unlikely to view your project as attractive as one where a prospective client values their time, and you may have difficulty bringing a good designer on-site to speak with you.
  2. When a garden designer is compensated for a consultation, he or she will spend more time on-site with you discussing your garden. To cover an entire garden in detail during a design consultation takes at least an hour! Even a small garden has a lot to cover.
  3. A garden design consultation should be an open exchange of ideas and information, an opportunity for you to discuss numerous options and ideas with your potential designer, explore the possibilities of your site, and discuss potential solutions to any existing issues in your garden or specific problems that require resolution. A seasoned garden designer has amassed a wealth of knowledge over the years, but they are unlikely to share it for free.
  4. As a result, a ‘free’ garden consultation in The Sutherland Shire is more likely to be a quick scoping trip sprinkled with some enticing but suitably vague ideas. From the unpaid designer’s perspective, the purpose of the trip is to meet you, take a quick look around your garden, and get a sense of the project in order to provide you with a fee estimate for garden design services. While this is still an important service, it is not a true design consultation.
  5. Keep in mind that the consultation is about bouncing multiple ideas off one another. This enables you to weigh your options and explore potential designs prior to embarking on the design path. The consultation is also an opportunity to build rapport with your prospective designer before committing to a full garden design project with them. Even if the designer is not a good fit for you, you are likely to like some of their ideas, which can be incorporated into your project with another designer, ensuring that the consultation fee is not wasted.

Consultation on Garden Design for Free vs. Paid Consultation on Garden Design

If you live in the The Sutherland Shire area, you can schedule a 60-minute garden design consultation with our lead designer. He will accompany you on a walk through the garden, discuss garden design ideas, and offer practical garden advice and design tips. You’ll receive excellent suggestions for immediately improving the appearance of your garden and resolving specific garden issues. Following the on-site consultation, you will receive a follow-up report summarising the points discussed. Additionally, you will receive a complimentary fee estimate for additional design services, such as the preparation of concept or planting plans.